The Great Reconnect

Have you ever lost touch with a friend? What about losing contact with someone you hold dear for over a year? When you reconnected, did you immediately pick up where you left off? Severed connections between good friends and family are often painful. However, reconnecting is often more pleasurable than the separation was painful.

Today, I was perusing my facebook page and began to think. An old friend entered my thoughts. Instantly, I was happy as my memories took on a journey to some of our past conversations. I wondered where this friend was. Had he been okay? I immediately searched to find an email address for my dear old crony. I quickly dropped a line to my pal hoping that it would land in the right place. It did! A few hours later I received a phone call. On the other end was a thick English accent, gentle and jubilant. YES! Oh how I have missed this. As my pithy friend greeted me, and I him, an exuberant smile began forming in my womb, worked its way from my belly, penetrated my heart, and emerged with elation onto my face.

The nearly 5,500 miles standing firmly between us instantly shrunk with a simple, “How have you been love?” We didn’t waste time. It was as if no time had passed since out last encounter. After all the niceties were taken care of, it was back to business as usual. Our in-depth discussions on life, family, politics, religion, etc. were just as fulfilling as they had been many moons ago. The enthusiasm and warmth permeated the phones lines. In fact, I believe the excitement and build up are the cause of the frequent smiles that could be felt on both ends through. Even the quality and frequency of our laughter was greater.

Reuniting with an old friend often lifts spirits. As I am sure he is reading this, I am confident in saying that our lengthy conversation made both of our days much more pleasant than they already were. God has a way of placing people in your lives at certain times and for certain reasons. I believe each person is around either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. My dear comrade, I pray you are around for a lifetime. It is rare that any one person is afforded quality friends; friends who genuinely have your best interest in mind; friends who encourage you and hold you accountable; friends who love in good times and in bad. God has blessed me with many. Today, I was able to reconnect with one.

It matters not the frequency with which you speak to or see someone. It matters only that you make the best of the time you are afforded.


4 thoughts on “The Great Reconnect

    • Thank you Alexis! I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now. It is only now that I have the nerve to do it. A book may take some time :). Thanks for the encouragement!

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