6th Grade Camp Part 2: The Let Down

This morning began with last minute packing as I prepared to send my son off to camp. We rush out, stop for breakfast on the way, and make it to school just in the nick of time. I found myself having a different conversation with him than the one I had with my daughter when she left. Instead of “giving him permission” I admonished him to behave. He likes to show off for attention. My son is the class clown. So, my concern was the he mind his manners, behave himself, be respectful of all adults, and follow the rules and directions given him. I encouraged him to have fun and reeled him in to a realistic level of excitement, getting away from the cartoon-like Bugs Bunny excitement building inside him. I was beginning to feel comfortable with my coaching and we were pulling into the school parking lot.

We did all of that prepping only to find the kids were no longer going; the trip had been cancelled. Apparently, something like 30 plus kids and staff from the first trip, which my daughter returns from today, took ill. They contracted a virus and no one knows where it came from. Now I am concerned about my daughter. I have not received any phone calls from anyone at camp, so I assume she is okay. However, as a protective lioness, I worry about my cubs when they are away from me and faced with even the slightest danger or adversity. As if I weren’t already anxious enough, now I really can’t wait for her to come home.

Today’s mission: find a way to cheer up my son and relieve his disappointment from missing out on camp.

Update: My daughter is one of the kids who got sick. New mission…nurse my baby back to health 😦


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